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Di As Simple As Pepper, kami merupakan homebased kitchen yang menawarkan hidangan ketam Black Pepper Gred A Sri Lanka kepada umum menggunakan resepi turun temurun. Selepas permintaan yang diluar jangkaan, As Simple As Pepper telah ditubuhkan untuk menyajikan hidangan ketam and udang black pepper yang kami pegang setelah sekian lama. Bagi kami, tiada hidangan ketam dan udang yang lagi menyelerakan dari As Simple As Pepper

Alan Tian

Founder of As Simple As Pepper

Ketam Berkualiti Gred A

Ketam Sri Lanka yang sangat manis dan lazat

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Apa pelanggan kami kata?

Finger licking good! The sauce is flavourful. The meat will not stick to the shell and the crab is so freshhhhh, just taste like home cook meal and my Ah Maa approve !


As simple as pepper dishes up mouth-smackingly good seafood dishes at a super affordable price. The crab was fresh and juicy and blanketed with a piquant black pepper sauce which reminds me a lot of Eng Seng, another one of my favourites.


Rounded balance of sweetness, heat and spice. As good as (if not better than) what you can get from restaurants. Finger licking good and best to go with a glass of red 🍷🍷🍷


If you are looking to dine with some black pepper crabs in the comfort of your own home, you have to contact ASAP. And with that I mean As Simple As Pepper, but also ‘as soon as possible’. Despite costing a fraction of restaurant prices, these guys are giving you bang for your buck - the umami sauce coats every piece of crab nicely without stealing the limelight from the fresh crustaceans.


There is a secret formula that made this dish able to rival the big restaurants’ chains and that formula is simply in their black pepper sauce. Gone are the days where you can only get restaurant-quality crabs dishes in restaurants as you can now order and get them delivered to your doorsteps conveniently.


The crabs were fresh and the flesh was firm and sweet. The black pepper sauce had a nice (non-painful) kick, and each piece of crab was generously coated, and still more sauce at the base of the box. Those of you who like more sauce to go with your rice or dip your bread into, would be pleased with this. The sauce is also finer/smoother than what I normal get, which means less time spent flossing black pepper bits out from between my teeth 😁


The seafood are freshly picked on the morning of delivery & then blasted with family recipe black pepper sauce that is improvised over a good 12 years! This is legitimately spicy & aromatic, in good consistency to coat the crabs - shiok & good contrast to the sweet fleshy crabs!


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